Lifeform Entertainment is a boutique, entertainment-oriented App Developer located on Seattle's Bainbridge Island. Our team is unique in that it is comprised of a solid mixture of designers, UX experts, and artists in addition to software engineers. Our design team develops products, not just code.

Our all-veteran team possesses well over 100 years of collective game, code, and production experience and hails from studios like BioWare / Pandemic, EA, Activision, ArenaNet, and Wizards of the Coast. And, while our expertise encompasses iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Consoles—our focus remains 100% on Mobile Devices.

Player Oriented

Lifeform specializes in user-experience and design intensive projects which require, in addition to great engineering, a creative touch to make them truly shine. The firm is well known for attention to user-centric detail, our ability to develop concepts around business strategies, ability to deliver with punctuality, and the signature look and creative direction of our assets.

Mobile Tabletops

Lifeform has very strong business relationships with many of the biggest brands and name designers in the traditional board and card games business, many of which are eager to move into digital distribution. We've just launch a kickstarter for our first signature product in this space, IRON ATLAS, which is akin to an Amazon Kindle for the board/card gaming space.

Expert Consulting

Lifeform's broad experience with touch-based UI and our heavy background as design professional, not just coders, means that we often get brought into consult. When a business needs help translating corporate goals into a hands-on App that everyone will really use—Lifeform is there to plot a path through the forest. We also provide high-profile documents, images, and presentation materials to help sell the concept.


Lifeform is a wholly owned Washington State LLC, operated by its two founding partners, Carlyle Livingston II and Roger Walco.