Lifeform is proud to count studios and brands such as Joystick Interactive, Pugetworks, Playlife Media, and LEGO BrickCon among its recent clientele. We've also done white label work for major computer manufacturers and wireless phone networks; and are the proud creators of LegendSmith. With over 5000 plays each day, LegendSmith holds its own as the single most popular League of Legends App in the world.

What Our Clients Say

Joystick Interactive
Sara B. Francis, VP-Client Services & Business Development

"Lifeform worked with our team to develop an app for a major technology manufacturer. The project shipped on-time in a worldwide, 7 language release and was a success for our studio; Lifeform was a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to crafting more products together in the future.

Lifeform was extremely responsive to our Creative Director's design direction, maintained excellent channels of communication, and produced the highest quality of work. When it comes to production excellence, their team had equally high standards when it came to solid teamwork, milestones, and deliverables."

Playlife Media
Germaine Gioia, President

"Roger and his team at Lifeform have consulted for Playlife on a wide variety of interactive apps. They seem to be far ahead of most developers, with a deep understanding of how to take the business needs of the brand and combine it with the latest technology and UX design to create products that benefit both the consumer and the property. Lifeform's capabilities to develop cutting edge products with a thorough understanding of the game market has been particularly helpful to Playlife."

Puget Works
Matt Paulin, CEO

"Lifeform Entertainment has worked with us on several products. They have always been able to respond well to rapidly changing requirements, provide excellent design direction, and support our internal teams.

Team Lifeform has a strong commitment to communication and achieving a high quality of development."

Jim Whitelaw, Director of Development

"It's not often that one gets to meet, let alone work alongside, an honest-to-goodness rocket scientist with the kind of creative capacity that Roger has. Roger has a kind of "laid-back intensity" and constant flow of awesome and near-insane creative thinking that's critical for making games people can get excited about. With his experience in programming, art, -and- design; Roger has the ability to both fuel and channel his teams' efforts to produce their best work.

Also, Roger is the only person I've ever met who can make a compelling analogy out of absolutely anything. Even pasta."